Waste Reduction

We have adopted 5 key waste reduction strategies:

a)       Design for minimised production waste

b)       Design for lifetime extension/reuse

c)       Design for repair and upgradability/Design for refurbishment and

d)       Design for disassembly (DfD) and

e)       Design for collection

Through careful selection of materials and components we have reduced consumption of new manufactured and energy intensive materials such as plastic and metal. The use of wood and recycled metal ensures that the design is not reliant on finite materials. The use of reused woods and even reused components minimizes waste and the danger of resource depletion.

The results are impressive.  The iameco v3 is 98% recyclable by weight.  The D4R has also been estimated to be nearly entirely reusable or recyclable. The design approach also reduces fresh water use in production by as much as 55%.

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