iameco v3

iameco V3.0

The iameco touch screen computer has a carbon footprint that is 70% less than the average PC Apple QuickTime.  And it’s the first computer of its kind to win the prestigious EU Eco Flower certification, the most comprehensive environmental standard 파이널 판타지7.

D4r Laptop

D4R Laptop

The D4R (Design 4 Reuse) laptop has been built using Zero WIN (Zero Waste in Industrial Products) principles Autocad 2018 free.  We have created a beautiful, high performance laptop that is designed for Recycling, Repair, Refurbishment and Reuse.



Beautiful computer mice in solid ash, beech or oak incorporating advanced optical and RF technology Overbreath. Gorgeous keyboards in sapele, ash and beech, with space-saving design, comfortable keyboard layout and USB interface.



Videos including interviews, guides and footage of how we assemble and disassemble our latest models 초능력자. Learn about the vision behind iameco.



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Talk to iameco today. Contact us at sales@iameco.com or call us at +353 1 4930514 (Dublin).