Our Vision

Over the past two decades, we’ve been working to create something truly unique:

a sustainable, ecological, high performance computer, free from the harmful chemicals and heavy metals built into most computers Download Nate OnTalk.

We do this because we believe it’s better to build computers that don’t harm the environment.  Our computers are designed to last about three times longer than average – up to ten years Bible saying.

Because of their modular design, as new technology emerges, you can update your computer to keep it up to speed, rather than throw it away and buy a new one 레버리지 사기조작단 6회 다운로드.

We remove all the harmful materials such as brominated flame retardants, PVCs and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury that are used in regular computer manufacture 스케치 업 2016 크랙.

Also, despite being equally powerful, iameco computers are designed to use a third less power than a mainstream computer.

This is how we lessen their impact on the environment 이스 이터널1.

And iameco computers aren’t just good on the inside, they are beautiful on the outside too.  Our computers are housed in beautifully designed wooden cases made of solid natural woods, including ash, maple and beech, all grown in sustainable forests Download the Yain Age game.

Each one is unique, and as the wood matures, they get better with age.

Talk to us now

Talk to iameco today. Contact us at sales@iameco.com or call us at +353 1 4930514 (Dublin).