Technical Specifications

iameco v3 technical specification

The iameco v3 isn’t just environmentally sustainable, it’s also powerful enough for everything from 3D gaming and design, to simple e-mail and word processing 한글 ebook.

IAMEco Desktops!At every step we have made design choices that balance ecological principles with high performance 캡틴 판타스틱. For example, conventional lighting has been replaced by LED lighting that is 30% to 40% more energy efficient.  The energy required to cool the computer is reduced by replacing traditional fans with copper tubing, heat sinks and a patented casing design that draws air out of the PC Download nexus.

  • Operating System – runs the latest version of Microsoft Windows 8 and standard Office applications – Word, Excel, Powerpoint Download Plantronics.
  • High quality display – A high-resolution, anti-glare 15.6” screen provides effortless readability in all lighting conditions Download the MacBook Mnet.
  • Ultra-low power consumption – innovative cooling design, low power-usage components and energy management control software ensures the Iameco is highly energy efficient Tigervnc.
  • Processor – Intel D525 Dual Core
  • Memory – 4 Gb DDR3 expandable
  • Storage – Solid State 250 Gb
  • Connectivity – wifi, ethernet/LAN, 4 x USB, 2 x serial port, 1 x parallel port, SSD Card reader, VGA, Camera front mount
  • Sound – front mounted speakers hy 견고딕 다운로드.
  • Certified – EU Eco Label for Class B computer
  • Materials – wood from renewable forests, low toxicity in all materials used, particularly through lamination of plastics Download The Finding Blue Donberg Edition.

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