We have created a beautiful computer that is both environmentally friendly and high-performance.iameco computer side view

iameco features

  • Easy to use – an easy-to-use touch-screen computer using a standard Windows operating system so you can use all of your familiar applications Download taxi driver.
  • Operating System – runs the latest version of Microsoft Windows 8 and standard Office applications – Word, Excel, Powerpoint.
  • High quality display – A high-resolution, anti-glare 15.6” screen provides effortless readability in all lighting conditions 무료 이력서 양식.
  • Ultra-low power consumption – innovative cooling design, low power-usage components and energy management control software ensures the Iameco is highly energy efficient 무지개tv.
  • Slim and lightweight – at less than 30mm, the Iameco is ultra-slim.
  • Processor – Intel D525 Dual Core
  • Memory – 4 Gb DDR3 expandable
  • Storage – Solid State 250 Gb
  • Connectivity – wifi, ethernet/LAN, 4 x USB, 2 x serial port, 1 x parallel port, SSD Card reader, VGA, Camera front mount
  • Sound – front mounted speakers Watch the African Broadcast replay.
  • Certified – EU Eco Label for Class B computer
  • Materials – wood from renewable forests, low toxicity in all materials used, particularly through lamination of plastics Download Maleficent.

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