iameco v.3

The iameco v.3 touch screen computer has a carbon footprint that is 70% less than the average PC. Less than 360 kilograms CO2eq is produced over the full product life cycle Download the presson font. Developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute Berlin, the University of Limerick and a network of eco-friendly suppliers across Europe, iameco is the first computer of its kind to win the prestigious EU Eco Flower certification, the most comprehensive environmental standard kt CallManager.

IAMEco Desktops!Almost all of the materials used in the computer are recyclable, including the wooden frame 곰세마리 다운로드. Hazardous materials typically used in a computer manufacturing process have been reduced to a minimum for iameco and replaced with environmentally friendly alternatives Download the new song. Conventional lighting has been replaced with LED lighting, which is 30-40pc more energy efficient, and the energy required to cool the PC is cut down by switching out the traditional fans for copper tubing and heat sinks 생각하는 개.

The device also uses standard computer components to ensure it can be updated, maintained and repaired easily. Over time you can continuously upgrade your system to the latest technology for half the cost of purchasing a new device Retropie.

And in addition to its environmental credentials, the iameco computer is beautiful.

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